The airport as a transport hub

As an airport, we want to help solve the mobility bottlenecks in and around Brussels. By evolving into a multimodal transport hub with bicycles, e-bikes, buses, trams and trains, we help passengers, employees, visitors and local residents to get around in a sustainable way.

Our main goal is a modal shift: by 2027, less than 65% of Brussels Airport passengers and employees should come to the airport by car.   

What we do 

  • We create a mobility hub. We are further developing the airport into a hyper-performing intermodal hub that brings together numerous forms of transport. Since 2020, we can be reached by the Ringtrambus, in addition to regular buses and trains. This trambus passes traffic jams easily and is a good alternative to the car.  
  • We improve the bicycle infrastructure. We invest in cycle paths to the airport and offer our employees leased bicycles, secure bicycle stands and showers.
  • We have a flexible telework policy. Employees choose their workplace according to their activities. They can work from home for up to three days a week on a structural basis.
  • We reduce our fleet and make it greener. Most of our service vehicles are already hybrid or run on CNG. Since 2022, we have purchased only electric commercial vehicles. We are making our employees' mobility budget more flexible.
  • We make cargo transport more efficient. We use the Digital Green Lane tool to assign truck drivers a time slot, so they know when to collect their goods. 
  • We enter into mobility partnerships.  
    • We have joined the Flemish Co-mobility initiative. 
    • We contribute to the City Climate Challenge 303030.
    • We are active in the transport regional council of the Vlaamse Rand (the municipalities bordering Brussels).
    • We are members of the Flemish Mobility Council (MORA).