Get ready for check-in

  • During check-in: receive your boarding pass and hand in your hold baggage
  • First check of your COVID-19 documents
  • Online check-in is recommended

Check your documents

In the present times, it is best to allow enough time for your check-in. Many airlines will check here whether you have all necessary COVID-19 documents. Documents are required upon departure as well as upon arrival at your destination. More information on what documents are required can be found here. Also check with your airline company.

Get to the airport on time

Do you want to know when best to be at the airport? We are happy to advise you on the ideal time to arrive at the airport. Enter your date and destination and we’ll tell you when best to walk into the terminal. To be as accurate as possible, we calculate this for the 5 coming days. So it's best to have a look a few days before you travel.

Welcome! Come in on time


Online check-in

Online check-in can be done in advance from home or with a mobile device. This is possible from 24 to 48 hours in advance. Your airline will sent you an email to invite you to check-in for your flight. After this, you will receive your boarding pass

In the present circumstances, some airlines offer the possibility to also upload your COVID-19 documents in advance. This option can certainly smoothen your check-in. Not all airlines offer this possibility. Availability may vary from airline and even from destination. You can check this with the airline itself. A list of all airlines and a link to their COVID-19 measures can be found here

Attention: It may be that you have already checked in online, but that you still have to go to a check-in desk to show your COVID-19 documents. This may be your PCR test certificate, for example. 

Check-in desks

You do not have a boarding pass yet or you want to drop off your baggage? Then you had best physically check in at the check-in desk of your airline.

You will find your check-in row on the flight information screens that are available throughout the terminal. The check-in rows go from number 1 to 14. Or even easier: check the Travel Planner on your mobile phone for your check-in row.

Map of the departure hall


Golden Rules, also for check-in

Of course, the 3 golden sanitary rules continue to apply everywhere: 

  • Always keep a 1.5m distance from others.
  • Wearing a face mask in the airport remains strongly recommended even though it is no longer mandatory in the airport or station. On all buses, the wearing of a mask remains compulsory from the age of 12. On the plane, the wearing of a mouth mask is determined by the airlines. Check with your airline to be sure.
  • It is also recommended to regularly wash and disinfect your hands.

The check-in counters are equipped with glass partitions. Check out all our sanitary measures.