Brussels Airport,

Brussels Airport is all set for Christmas

The countdown to Christmas, and the arrival (by plane, no doubt!) of its loyal ambassador, Santa Claus, has begun. This year too, Brussels Airport is getting ready for the Christmas exodus to provide the best possible welcome for the thousands of passengers who will pass through the airport, which, for the occasion, has put on its Christmas best.

More than 79,000 passengers are expected at Brussels Airport this Friday, 21 December to kick off the Christmas holidays, and this will be the busiest day in the month of December. Many families have chosen our airport as the starting point of their holiday. The most popular holiday destinations are, of course, Spain, and also Morocco, the Dominican Republic, Egypt, and Cape Verde. Meanwhile, Turkey and Tanzania have drawn more than double the number of holidaymakers compared to Christmas 2017. New York, Dakar, and the classic destinations of Geneva, Berlin, Milan, and Tel Aviv are among the other popular destinations.

To welcome all these passengers, Brussels Airport has dressed up in its best finery, ready to plunge us into the magical atmosphere of Christmas. The much appreciated Family Lane, decorated this year with Mickey Mouse and the Roadster Racers, will be back beginning on 19 December to facilitate security screening for large and small alike, all in surroundings straight out of Disney. A kids’ corner, also featuring Disney, has been in place since the beginning of December in the Belgorama restaurant.

To get you off to a good start of the holiday season, Brussels Airport reminds you of a few pieces of advice.

Advice for a hassle-free departure:

  • Download the Brussels Airport app on your smartphone. It's free, and provides practical information on your flight, the restaurants and shops at the airport, as well as parking solutions.

  • Leave for the airport on time

  • Decide in advance where to park or be dropped off in advance: the drop-off area near the terminal, P1-P2-P3

  • Reserve your parking space in advance on our website

  • To save time, check in on-line

  • Prepare your hand baggage for security when you arrive at the airport

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