Brussels Airport,

Brussels Airport installs new collection boxes for charity


Brussels Airport has replaced the collection boxes of the Red Cross, SOS Kinderdorpen, Unicef and WWF at the airport with new ‘charity islands’. The new design of these islands attracts more attention. They are also placed in prominent positions in the piers and the baggage reclaim hall. In this way, Brussels Airport hopes to support these charities even better than before. Brussels Airport unveiled the new ‘charity islands’ in the presence of the ambassadors of these charities.

Brussels Airport Company has had a broad charity support programme for over ten years. Likewise, the terminal and piers for many years have featured collection boxes where passengers can donate money to the Red Cross, SOS Kinderdorpen, Unicef and WWF. Thanks to millions of passengers who drop coins into the boxes, these 4 NGOs together collect a healthy 60,000 euros each year at Brussels Airport.

The airport considers it important to support charities and for this reason wanted to give the collection points a new look so that they even more easily attract the passengers’ attention. In the hope that more passengers will leave a small donation in the boxes. Brussels Airport Company unveiled the new islands in the presence of various ambassadors of the Red Cross, SOS Kinderdorpen, Unicef and WWF. The islands are located at the start of pier A and pier B, and also in the baggage reclaim hall.


Brussels Airport Company’s charity support programme is not limited to installing collection points for charities. As Belgian company, we consider it important to support projects and organisations in our country whenever we can. We support, for example, schools and youth organisations in the neighbouring area by financing playground equipment or sponsoring sports shirts.The airport also works together with various employment programmes. Brussels Airport Company regularly makes use of the sheltered workshop AMAB and also participates in the work experience project Art2Work in Brussels.

In addition, Brussels Airport Company actively takes part in larger charity campaigns, including Kom Op Tegen Kanker, Wings for Children and Zuiddag and supports projects by Run for Parkinson, Eyes for the World and Natuurpunt.