Fly to the heart of Europe

Belgium... When people think of our country, they often think of chocolate and diamonds. And well, we admit it, chocolate is delicous and diamonds are very fascinating. But did you know that our little country has a lot more to offer than just that? 

Do you like to spend time outdoors? Then the Ardennes is the place to be. You can choose to enjoy nature with wooded hills and flowing rivers. But also if you like cosy villages, you will feel right at home here. The Ardennes are the ideal place for long walks and enjoyable bike rides. Those who are more in search of flat areas and relaxation can go to the seaside.

Belgium also offers many activities for culture lovers. Bruges, Brussels, Liege, Charleroi, ... Each of thes cities has a lot in store for you, and is a perfect destination for a city trip. Whether you are a fan of exhibitions, festivals, theatre performances, museums or concerts, there is something for everyone. 

Finally, Belgium is also known for its gastronomy. Belgians love good food and especially when they can share it with others. On your visit, don't forget to eat some real Belgian chocoalte, enjoy a delicious cone of fries and of course take the time to taste some different beers and maybe even visit a brewery.

Would you like to learn more about Belgium and what our country has to offer? Our tourism boards are at your disposal! Since Belgium consists of 3 regions, we also have 3 tourism boards. Discover them all below or visit our website