Security screening

  • Screening for passengers
  • Screening of hand luggage

At the entrance of this zone, you will have to scan your boarding pass, after which you will be able to proceed to the security screening platform for persons and hand baggage. 

For the security check to run smoothly, we ask you to place the following items in the tray: 

  • All metal objects such as keys, mobile phone, coins, wallet, belt, etc. 
  • Plastic bag with liquids and/or gels 
  • Laptop and/or tablet removed from the travel case 
  • Coat or jacket 

The cleaning frequency of the trays at security screening is increased and thanks to the markings on the floor you are reminded to respect the mandatory distance. 

You’re not sure about which items are or are not allowed in your hand luggage? If so, please consult this webpage:

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