Arriving at Brussels Airport

  • Several extra documents needed during COVID-19: Passenger Location Form (PLF), negative test certificate
  • Different procedures depending on the country you arrive from

Welcome to our airport, welcome to Belgium!

What do you need when arriving in Belgium?

When you arrive in Belgium, extra documents are required during these COVID-19 times:

  • Identity card or international passport. 
  • Passenger Locator Form
  • COVID-19 PCR Test  (if required, see flow chart)

Passenger Locator Form

All passengers travelling to Belgium must fill in a form in advance, i.e. the "Public Health Passenger Locator Form":  

  • Every arriving passenger aged 12 years and over must fill in a form.
  • Children under the age of 12 are registered with their parents.
  • This document must be completed within 48 hours prior to arrival in Belgium.
  • This also applies to people having a connecting flight at Brussels Airport (transfer passengers).

Upon correct registration of the document, you will receive an activation code. The Passenger Locator Form (PLF) is electronically available:

Public Health Passenger Locator Form

When boarding for your flight abroad, you will be asked to show the activation code as proof of submission of the form.  This means that you must be able to present the code or document at check-in or when boarding the flight abroad.

Every person aged 12 years or older must be able to submit an activation code. Only persons for whom it is technically impossible to fill in the electronic form or who do not have a mobile phone number can still use the paper form. They keep a printed copy with them.

If you arrive in Pier B (from outside the Schengen area), you will be asked again to show the activation code at border control or hand over the paper document.

Only arriving passengers, i.e. those returning from abroad, need to fill in a Passenger Locator Form. When departing from Belgium, you must follow the rules of the country of destination.

Negative PCR test required

Based on the answers you give on the PLF form and the colour code of the country you are departing from, the form will work out whether you are regarded as a high-risk contact.

  • Did you receive a text message? If so, you are a high-risk contact. You must get tested and quarantine. You will receive a code by text message.
  • What if you didn’t receive a text message? You do not have to quarantine.

This flowchart can help you out how to get back safely from a trip.

Quarantine rules after arrival in Belgium, can be checked on the following website

You can be tested at the COVID-19 Test Centre at Brussels Airport with the activation code you received from the authorities by text message after filling in the Passenger Locator Form. Online registration for the test is mandatory.

COVID-19 Test Centres

For more details on currently applicable government measures, please:

  • Check the websites of the Foreign Affairs Ministry
  • Contact the call centre of Foreign Affairs on +32 (0) 2 501 4000 on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Belgian time).


Arriving at Brussels Airport

Once you have arrived at Brussels Airport, you have to retrieve your luggage, go through customs, meet the person that comes to pick you up or find the train or bus station ,.... Want to know all about arriving at Brussels Airport? Check out our Travel Planner Arrivals here

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