Arriving at Brussels Airport

  • Safe travel with face masks, temperature checks and physical distance
  • Waiting for arriving passengers should be done outside the terminal

Welcome to our airport, welcome to Belgium!

Visiting or coming home? We will do our best to get you through the airport quickly and smoothly.

Temperature check

Just like during the flight, wearing a face mask is mandatory at Brussels Airport. Upon arrival, you will pass by a mobile temperature control in the airport building. Your temperature will be measured using thermal cameras.

If you are found to have an elevated temperature on arrival, you will be given a flyer with information about the applicable guidelines of the Public Health ministry and the advice to leave the airport as soon as possible and consult a doctor. We advise you to remain alert to the rules imposed by the Belgian government. Use your common sense and thus take care of your own safety and the safety of others

Worried about fellow passengers?

When during a flight a passenger on board shows symptoms of the coronavirus infection and/or is suspected to be infected with the coronavirus, the airline crew will immediately notify the airport. Upon arrival of the aircraft, a medical team will be on standby to examine the (possibly) infected passenger(s) and, if necessary, refer them to their general practitioner or the nearest hospital.

In case of a (suspected) infection on board, all passengers as well as the crew on board will need to fill in a passenger location card, allowing the authorities to inform the passengers if necessary. Any members of staff concerned will also be informed.

Passengers who are found to have symptoms prior to their departure are denied boarding and must be treated first in the country they’re staying at that moment.

Step by step closer to Belgium

Coming from a non-Schengen country, you then go through border control first. Here only the manned counters are open. For hygiene reasons, the automated border control gates are not available. The officer at the counter will ask you to briefly take off your face mask.

In the baggage reclaim hall, floor stickers and markings will help you keep enough distance.  In the meantime, we take care of a maximum spread of flights over the baggage carousels so that keeping a safe physical distance becomes easier. Luggage trolleys are still available to transport your luggage and are, of course, thoroughly disinfected on a regular basis.

Is somebody coming to pick you up?

In the current circumstances, only persons travelling themselves or having travelled and airport staff are admitted to the terminal. People accompanying wheelchair users or minors can also access the terminal.

However, all this means that it is not possible for someone to come wait for you in the arrival hall. Ask your friends and/or relatives to wait for you outside in the designated areas at arrival level. They can park in car parks P1, P2 or P3.  As a passenger, you can find these zones by following the signage towards "pick up zone friends & relatives".

Taxis are, as always, available when you leave the arrivals hall.

If you go home or to your destination with professional transport (e.g. arranged by the hotel), they will also be waiting for you outside. They will pick you up at the blue coloured zone on the bus station level (0). The easiest way is to follow the bus icon signage.  This bus park is better known as "P15" among the drivers.