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  • P1, P2 and P3 opposite the departure hall
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  • Charge your e-car

Car parks P1, P2 and P3 have a total of 12,000 parking spaces. They are located less than five minutes walk from the departure hall. You can drive in without making a reservation. Want to be sure of a parking space? Then reserve your spot in advance.

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Below you can find the directions to the car parks.


Frequently Asked Questions


Each public car park at Brussels Airport is equipped with charging stations. Discover their locations right here:

  • At P1 Fast Zone, on the first and third floor
  • At P2 Economy, on the third floor
  • At P3 Holiday: on level -1 and the second floor
  • At the P Lock car park, opposite the departure terminal and the Sheraton Hotel
  • At the P1 VIP car park

To use a charging station, you can use a Pcard+. Using this card, you won't be charged a connection fee, only the kWh rate. While you can also use other charging cards, please note that a connection fee will apply in those cases.

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Find your car park 

You will find luggage trolleys in every car park at Brussels Airport. This makes it easier to move your luggage to the departure hall.

You will find a disabled parking space located near the exit in every car park at Brussels Airport.  Make sure the card is clearly visible on the dashboard. 

Within P1 and P3, access is available for vehicles with a height of up to 2.10 meters. For P2 the maximum vehicle height is 1.90 meters. If your vehicle exceeds the height of 2.10 metres, we recommend using the Discount Parking zone.

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Brussels Airport is not located in a low-emission zone. As an alternative to the car, we offer a wide range of transport options.

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Road works are currently being carried out at various locations around the airport, including Vilvoorde viaduct, Hector Henneaulaan bridge, and Leonard Tunnel.

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Although the car parks right in front of the terminal can be crowded, there is always space for you, near or a little further away. Booking your parking space in advance can give extra peace of mind. If you have reserved a space and the signage indicates that the car park is full, try anyway. In most cases, capacity is calculated to accommodate your reservation.

During exceptional inflow periods, Interparking stewards may ask you to park at another car park at Brussels Airport.

Even if you did not make a reservation, we will still be there for you. If the car parks near the terminal are full, Brussels Airport opens an extra zone where you can park. This zone is a bit further from the terminal, but there are free shuttles and free buses from De Lijn that run all day and take you quickly to the terminal and back.

Contact Interparking

Interparking is available 24/7 and 24/24h on site via :

  • the information desk at arrivals at the P2 Economy parking.
  • the intercom button on each payment terminal, entrance and exit terminal.

The administrative office (Mon-Fri / 9h-17h)
+32 2 549 54 10