Nearby car parks

  • P1, P2 and P3 opposite the departure hall
  • Reserve your parking space
  • Charge your e-car

Car parks P1, P2 and P3 have a total of 10,000 parking spaces. They are located less than five minutes walk from the departure hall. You can drive in without making a reservation. Want to be sure of a parking space? Then reserve your spot in advance.

Below you can find the directions to the car parks.


Frequently Asked Questions


Charging your e-car? Every public car park is equipped with charge points. An electric charge point can serve 2 cars.  

  • P1 Fast Zone 1: 9 charge points (level 1)  
  • P1 Fast Zone 3: 4 charge points (level 3)  
  • P2 Economy: 2 charge points (arrival level - level 3)  
  • P3 Holiday: 38 charge points  
    • Level -1: 32 charge points  
    • Level departure (+2): 6 charge points  
  • P Lock: 12 charge points  
  • P1 VIP: 16 charge points  

To activate a charge point, you can use your Pcard+. You don't pay any connection fees for this. This is an additional advantage. Other payment cards can also be used, for a connection fee.  

The kWh rate is €0.55/kWh until your car is charged. You cannot reserve these parking spaces in advance 

At P1 VIP parking, you pay a one-off flat rate of € 10 to charge your car (+ parking session).  

Baggage trolleys are available at all car parks. This way, you can easily go to the departure hall with your bags and suitcases.

Would you like more information on the route? Watch the videos with the travel routes to the different car parks here.

  • Maximum height P1 & P3: 2m10
  • Maximum height P2: 1m90

Is your car higher than 2.10m? Then you can use our non-covered car park, the Discount Parking at Brucargo. Please reserve it in advance.

Do you encounter a problem? Please contact  You will be guided to a specially designated area.

Currently, Brussels Airport is not located in a low-emission zone. As an alternative to the car, we offer a wide range of transport options.

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