By bike or motorcycle

  • Free parking facilities with camera surveillance
  • Safe travel to the airport

By bike or motorcycle

Want to avoid the traffic? Then jump on your bike or motorcycle for quick and easy access to the airport. View an overview of the cycle highways. The F3 Cycle Highway from Leuven to Brussels now runs past Brussels Airport. And, from 2021 onwards, you can cycle straight to Brussels Airport via a direct route.

Red carpet to the terminal

From the roundabout in Zaventem, you can walk or cycle along a safe, fenced-off path to the terminal. This red path runs up until Car Park P15, immediately in front of the terminal at level 0.

Secure bike & motorcycle parking

Free parking for your bike, motorcycle or moped is available at car park P15a. Two-wheelers also benefit from camera surveillance. The parking facility is just a short walk to the Departures and Arrivals Halls.