Brussels in the cloud(s)

Don’t be mistaken, you are not reading today’s weather forecast. This is a message with real positive contents ;-).

Brussels Airport launched the idea to start developing logistics applications ‘in the cloud’. No misty stuff, but an open environment where all kinds of people can easily but with the necessary security place and access the data they need for their daily business.

Together with Nallian and with support of the Flemish Government and VOKA, we have been building a new cargo community platform at BRUcargo.

Additional logistical services and big data management
The idea is not to have a central system for the transfer of data, but to create a platform that will allow us, all stakeholders at the cargo zone, to enjoy additional logistical services and manage big data.

The first phase of the project is now finished: the CLOUD is ready. This might sound rather difficult to understand, but consider it as a set of basic rules and building stones that make the framework of our community platform.

Brussels Airport is about to launch the first application
Still sounds cloudy? Well, the concept has resulted in some real and tangible output now. A couple of months after the launch of the BRU-Cloud idea, the first data elements have been defined and the first data are being sent into this cloud. At this moment, the first application, a statistical cargo app from Brussels Airport, is nearing its completion. It will give more detailed info on cargo flows and trends and provide secure and selective views on Brussels Airport’s cargo operations. The data will become available to those who commit to it and join the BRUcargo cloud environment.

Other applications will follow soon!
Next steps are the developing and writing of other applications that run on this platform. These applications can be initiated by individual companies, a group of companies or even the whole community. The target group can be determined as well. At this moment, 2 project groups including handlers, forwarders and truckers have already started defining the scope of 2 more applications, offering logistical and planning services to the community. One of them, a real time trucking follow-up application, will assemble input from all partners implicated in the transport chain. Although we still speak of cloud, the application will provide a clear operational view on the whereabouts of trucks and their planning. Interesting, don't you think?

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