DHL service desk

Are you carrying items that are not allowed on board the aircraft or that were  refused at the security checkpoint? Or are you carrying items  that are not to be treated as normal luggage?   You can quickly and easily send these items to your destination with DHL, even last minute. Courier company DHL has its own service desk in the departure hall.

The DHL service desk accepts parcels up to 20kg, which will be packed in solid packaging, adapted to your parcel. Prior to sending the parcel, the cost of the shipment will be clearly communicated. In most cases, these DHL shipments are delivered the next business day in the country of destination.

More information on what is allowed on board and what is not, is available here. Airlines sometimes apply different procedures and criteria, such as for the transport of electronic devices with lithium batteries. Always check the website of the airline company with which you will be flying.

The DHL Delivery Service desk is located at the end of check-in rows 2 and 3 in the departure hall and is open every day from 4 am to 10 pm.

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