Brussels Airport (BRU) and Miami International Airport (MIA), the first and second International Air Transport Association (IATA) designated pharma hub airports in the world, respectively, have taken the initiative to create Pharma.Aero, a new organization focused on improving pharma handling and quality in the air cargo industry worldwide.

With the vision to achieve a reliable end-to-end air transport for pharmaceutical cargo, Pharma.Aero will focus on pharmaceutical shippers and all industry stakeholders who embrace the IATA CEIV program. Members of the organization will foster route certification/development of pharmaceutical trade lanes, implementation of best practices and sharing of market knowledge and expertise.

Pharma.Aero welcomes airport communities, airline carriers, logistics companies, and other pharmaceutical stakeholders including shippers to become members.

The worldwide Pharma.Aero platform will enable its members consisting of Airport Communities, Pharma Shippers, and other pharma logistics stakeholders to foster strong collaboration amongst themselves.  By sharing expertise, data, best practices and jointly working on innovative regional initiatives with an emphasis on the IATA CEIV Program, airports and their operators will achieve excellence in reliable end to end transportation for the pharma shippers and patients. 


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