Voluntary safety report

Reporting in a "NO BLAME" philosophy - a culture of fairness

One thing it's important to know is that the Safety Management Unit always handles reports confidentially. We believe it is far more important to learn from mistakes or hazardous situations than to punish the people responsible for them. It is more important to admit to mistakes and learn from them than to hide them and let them escalate into an incident or accident. Remember: a mistake which is not reported can happen again, and the next time the consequences may be a lot worse!

The Safety Management Unit guarantees confidentiality of reports, unless criminal offences are involved. Please report your safety concerns, mistakes and unsafe situations, so we can learn from them and help protect people from being involved in accidents!

Please give as much information as you can; the fields marked with a star * must be filled in.

Unless you explicitely request us to contact you, this report is completely anonymous.

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Suggestions for corrective actions
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Incident assessment
In your opinion, what is the likelihood of similar incidents happening again?
How serious do you think the worst possible consequences could be if this type of incident happened again?
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