In your hold baggage

The following items are allowed in your hold baggage:

  • Liquids and gels such as drinks, perfumes, creams, lotions, toothpaste, syrup, mascara, lipstick, deodorants... that are packed in individual containers of more than 100ml and/or exceed the limits allowed in the hand baggage
  • Replica guns, toy guns, all objects capable of discharging a projectile (e.g. bolt and nail guns), stun or shocking devices
  • Pointed and/or sharp objects (scissors, knives, ski and walking poles, darts, ...)
  • Blunt instruments (golf clubs, baseball bats, hockey sticks, billiard and pool cues, Billy clubs, heavy tools, martial arts weapons...)
  • Handcuffs, boomerangs, whips, fishing rods, ski sticks, shock absorbers, tools (crowbars, saws, drills, chisels...)...


Prohibited on board

According to aviation regulations certain items may never be carried on board. This applies to all prohibited weapons (in conformity with the Belgian weapons law of 9 June 2006) and dangerous goods including explosive or flammable liquids or solids (blasting caps, turpentine, paint thinner, ...), oxidizers and/or organic peroxides (including bleach, …), toxic and infectious materials, radioactive materials, corrosives, gases including carbon dioxide cartridges of more than 28g (=50ml), large quantities of spray cans, …

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