Additional security measures apply to ensure your safety

Following the 22 March 2016 attacks additional security measures apply.

  • The police are patrolling the A201 access road to the airport. Vehicles may be stopped and their passengers and contents screened.
  • The passenger drop-off area in front of the departures hall remains closed.
    Instead the people that come to drop you off can use the free drop-off zone or park in car parks P1, P2 and P3.

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  • Persons who access the termnial building from the departures curb may be asked to go through a walk-through metal detector and have their baggage searched before being admitted to the terminal.
  • Persons who enter the passenger terminal on the arrivals level, may be asked to go through security screening before being admitted.
  • Passengers arriving by bus may be asked to go through the pre-check on level 0.
  • Passengers who come to the airport by train may have to go through a security screening in the hall of the train station before being admitted to the terminal.


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