At the airport

Baggage trolleys
Baggage trolleys are available free of charge. You will find them in the car parks opposite the terminal and in the baggage reclaim hall.

Play areas
Sitting still for hours on end doesn’t agree with children. That’s why at Brussels Airport we provide play areas at several places in the terminal and piers where kids can get rid of too much energy before boarding. You will find the play areas near gate A/T68 and near gate B40.

Attention: Never let your children play on the escalators or walkalators. They might get their fingers stuck.

Children’s toilets and nappy changing facilities
Most toilet facilities at the airport provide a separate room for changing baby’s nappy. 


Food & drink
You can have baby food heated in all restaurants at the airport. Our staff are happy to be of assistance. Microwave ovens are available in most of the airport restaurants.

Children’s meals are available in the self-service restaurant Belgorama, the Italian restaurant Amo and in Panos in Pier A,  Sapore and Panos in the departures hall and Hi! Brussels in the arrivals hall.

Looking for a toy or a book to take on board?
The Gift Box in the shopping area leading to gates A and in The Gift Box in the shopping area leading to gates B carry a wide range.


Security screening
The presence of liquids and gels in the hand baggage is strictly limited. However you are allowed to take sufficient baby food for the duration of the flight. Baby food should be presented separately for screening.

Small, foldable baby carriages and strollers can usually be taken up to the gate. At the security checkpoint these have to be screened separately so you will have to take the baby out of the carriage or stroller.

Brussels Airport pays special attention to families with children. To make their passage through sreening as smooth and pleasant as possible, dedicated Family lanes are opened during the summer holidays. The pace in these security lanes is adapted to children and the staff can provide extra assistance with baby carriages and strollers or baby food.


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