22 March 6:00am to 9:00am: access to terminal via arrivals level or bus station level

On Wednesday morning 22 March, a commemorative service is being held at Brussels Airport.

This means that between 6:00am and 9:00am on the day, users will not be able to directly access the departures hall from car parks P1, P2 and P3 via the departures level (+3). Between 6:00am and 9:00am, the airport terminal will be accessible only via the arrivals level (+2) or via the bus station level (0). Stewards will be present at the car parks to point this out to passengers.

  • If you are coming in by car and you are planning to park your vehicle at P1, P2 or P3, the way to access the airport terminal between 6:00am and 9:00am is via the arrivals level (+2) or the bus station level (+0).
  • Keep in mind that the terminal may be very busy at this time.
  • If possible, travel to the airport by public transport. The railway station is located in the airport terminal at level -1, the bus station is at level 0.

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