Your animal at the airport

When you arrive at the airport with your pet, always keep them on a leash or in their bench. Your dog can still urinate outside of the departure hall, but once inside, this is no longer possible. Dogs may be tempted to urinate against the indoor planters, but this obviously is not allowed.

If your pet travels in the hold, the check-in agent will ask you to present your pet at a separate desk. This desk is located at the back of the departure hall near check-in rows 2 and 3. You can rest assured that your pet will be looked after with every care and taken to a quiet place until boarding.

When you arrive in Belgium, you can pick up your pet at the separate desk in the baggage reclaim hall, near baggage carousel 7. It is recommended to first pick up your luggage from the belt, and then proceed to get your pet. Please make sure to leave your pet in its bench until after you have cleared customs. If you arrive from a rabies-risk country, you are obliged to present your pet to customs. Your pet will understandably want to urinate after the journey. A short distance past the customs checkpoint, you can take your pet outside.