Baggage restrictions

  • Your airline and ticket stipulate how much you are permitted to bring with you
  • Out of Gauge (non-standard) baggage

Your baggage: number of suitcases, weight and dimensions

Your airline stipulates how many suitcases you may bring with you. And their weight and dimensions. The nature of your ticket or travel class also determines how many kilos of baggage you are allowed to take on board.

Check your ticket or ask your airline or travel agency how much you are permitted to bring with you.

Bringing more than permitted?

Travelling light not for you? You may also bring a greater number or heavier bags than your airline permits. However, you will need to pay a surcharge at the airport. 

Regardless, no single suitcase is permitted to weigh more than 32 kg. This limit applies to all baggage that is checked in at Brussels Airport. And it also applies at a number of other international airports.

Travelling with children?

A stroller always comes in handy when travelling with small children. View our information about bringing a stroller on board the plane.

Bringing a bicycle or golf bag?

Non-standard baggage

Is your baggage larger or heavier than normal or does it have a special shape? Then it’s considered unusual and oversized baggage. Bicycles, golf equipment or large musical instruments fall under unusual and oversized baggage. Non-standard baggage cannot be processed via the automatic baggage system. You therefore need to report to a separate desk. 

Non-standard baggage must also weigh no more than 32 kg per single item. 

Want to bring large sports equipment, oversized instruments or other unusual baggage items? Then check with your airline - or travel agency - in advance to determine how best to approach this and how much it costs.

Separate desk

After you have registered your baggage, the check-in staff will ask you to present your non-standard baggage at a separate desk. 

Where is the Out of Gauge baggage desk located? 

At the end of check-in rows 2 and 3 in the Departures Hall. 

Where can you reclaim Out of Gauge baggage upon arrival?

At the separate desk in the Baggage Reclaim Hall, next to baggage belt 7. 


You can optionally send bulky or heavy items as air freight. Your airline will provide you with more information about this.

Other info on bagage

What is allowed in your luggage?

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