Safety and health measures

  • Social distancing, face mask and hand hygiene
  • Body temperature checks
  • UV disinfection and extra cleaning rounds

Brussels Airport makes every effort to ensure that the airport’s facilities are hygienic and safe to welcome you in order to travel again in a carefree way. The combination of the various health safety measures has indeed allowed us to meet the highest standards, which earned Brussels Airport the Airport Health Accreditation from ACI World (Airport Council International). 

This accreditation confirms the safety of airport facilities and the effectiveness of the precautionary measures implemented to prevent any risk to your health, in compliance with the recommendations by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) and with the COVID-19 Aviation Health Safety protocol issued by EASA/ECDC (European Union Aviation Safety Agency/European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control).

3 Golden rules

For a safe and relaxed start of your trip, we would like to ask your cooperation to protect yourself and others:

  • Always keep a 1.5m distance from others.
  • face mask is mandatory as from 12 years old on the airport grounds. Therefore it is mandatory as from the drop-off zone, in the car parks, when you arrive by bus and even in the taxi. A face mask is mandatory both on the square in front of the airport building and inside the terminal.  Wearing a face mask on the aircraft is mandatory from the age of 6.  Some airlines apply an even lower age limit. Check with your airline to be sure.
  • It is also recommended to regularly wash and disinfect your hands.

In our terminal hundreds of information boards, stickers and posters remind you of these basic rules. Hand sanitiser dispensers are available throughout the terminal, and you will find mobile hand washing units in the departure hall.

We also advocate contact-free processes e.g. for payments, check-in and boarding of passengers. To help you with this, we have placed additional queueing barriers and plexiglass screens.

Temperature check

Before passengers enter the terminal, their temperature is measured with thermal cameras.Thermal cameras are the safest, fastest and most reliable system to identify persons with elevated body temperature.

Anyone whose temperature exceeds 38°C, will be screened a second time. If during this second screening the body temperature is again found to be higher than 38°C the passenger will be discreetly accompanied to the medical staff. During the medical check-up in a specially equipped room, his/her temperature will again be checked and the medical staff will assess based on a questionnaire and an interview whether the passenger has COVID-19-symptoms.  On the basis of this questionnaire, the passenger may be denied access to the terminal.

As a result, access to the departure hall has also changed. All passengers are diverted so that everyone walks past the thermal cameras. More questions about the temperature check? Answers can be found on: 

Safety stations 

Face masks and hand sanitizer to protect yourself optimally are of course also available at the airport. The “Safety Station” vending machines contain a range of face masks from surgical face masks to specially designed Smurf-themed Brussels Airport face masks for children. 

You will find the “Safety Station" vending machines : 

  • on the departures level near the elevators of the car park as well as right in front of the entrance to the terminal 
  • on the arrivals level at the car park and bus station

UV-disinfection and extra cleaning rounds

To reinforce our cleaning and disinfection actions, we use UV sanitising technology, more specifically to disinfect trolleys and floors. We have also increased the frequency of regular cleaning rounds, especially for the trays at security screening, sanitary blocks and our infrastructure in general.

With all these measures, we want to provide you with a clean and hygienic infrastructure, as well as contribute to a safe and carefree trip. #safetravel

In implementing the different health and safety measures, we follow the monitoring program launched by EASA, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency. The guidelines were drawn up in consultation with both aviation and public health authorities to look for practical solutions for the aviation industry in this unusual crisis.

As EASA pilot airport, we monitor the situation closely and are ready to immediately implement any additional measures when necessary. The Belgian health authorities and our health sector are extremely vigilant and use all means to protect public health.

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