Prepare your trip

  • Plan the route from your home
  • Check the flight number

The free app tells you exactly what time you need to leave home to pick up your passenger in time at Brussels Airport. Are you planning to wait for your passenger in the arrivals hall? Decide this in advance. That way you know where to drive.


  • Allow sufficient time during peak hours
  • Use the free app to map out your route

Most GPS systems locate Brussels Airport under POI, Points Of Interest. You can also enter the A201/Vilvoordelaan junction, 1930 Zaventem.


  • Park in P1, P2 or P3 opposite the airport building

Park your car in car park P1, P2 or P3 opposite the airport building. The maximum height in P1 and P3 is 2m10, in P2 it is 1m90.


  • When you pick someone up, what is the most convenient meeting point?
  • A gift or a bouquet of flowers ensures a warm welcome

Picking someone up? Make a clear agreement about where to meet in advance. Tip: the Hi Brussels bar on the Arrivals level is a convenient place to meet. That way you can also enjoy a bite to eat or a drink before leaving the airport.

Meeting in the car park? No problem. Make a clear agreement about which car park and on which floor in advance.