Your travel programme

To make sure you know what to expect at our airport, we have brought together all you need to know to travel carefree in COVID-19 times in this dedicated Coronavirus page.


  • What are you permitted to bring with you in your hand luggage?
  • Liquids and gels in containers of maximum 100 ml

Sound preparation is key to a smooth departure. Check in online to save time and make sure your passport or ID is still valid. Step 2 will explain how you can ensure a smooth arrival at the airport. 


  • Plan your route from your home
  • Book your train ticket
  • Reserve your parking space

Coming by train, bus, bicycle or on foot? All roads lead to Brussels Airport. You choose which mode of transport is most convenient for you. Prefer coming by car? Then reserve your parking space or have someone drop you off at the drop-off zone.


  • Park at walking distance or take the shuttle
  • Lock & VIP parking for additional service

There are more than 10,000 parking spaces within walking distance of the Terminal. Another 2,000 parking spaces are located slightly further away. The free shuttle will take you directly to the airport building. Want a guaranteed parking space? Reserve your space in advance.


  • Online, mobile, express check-in, or check in at the desk
  • Arrive at the airport on time

Not yet in possession of a boarding pass? Need to check in your baggage? The correct check-in desk is displayed on the screens in the departures hall. How busy the airport will be is just as unpredictable as the Belgian weather. Tip: always check how busy the airport is expected to be before your departure.


  • Security screening for passengers and hand luggage
  • Check the rules for hand luggage

Keep your boarding pass close! You’ll need it to pass through security screening. Check what you’re allowed to carry in your hand luggage in advance, so your security screening can progress smoothly. The waiting times at security can be found on the info screens or on our free app.

  • If you are departing from gates B or T, then you will pass through border control. Keep your travel documents to hand
  • You can pass through border control more swiftly via the automatic gates

Keep your passport or ID close to smoothly progress through border control. In possession of a visa? Then keep it close as well. If you’re travelling with an EU passport and you’re older than 12 years old, you can make use of the automated border control gates.


  • Shopping
  • Bars and restaurants

Waiting for your flight at Brussels Airport is an absolute pleasure. Explore the shops, sip a delicious drink or enjoy an excellent meal. 

  • Be at the gate 30 minutes prior to the departure time
  • Check the latest flight information on the info screens or app

Keep your boarding pass and ID or passport close to ensure a smooth departure. Did you purchase something after passing the security screening? Then that’s permitted on-board, even the drinks. Download the free Brussels Airport app to stay up to date!