Prepare your trip

  • Catching your connecting flight smoothly
  • Keep your flight number to hand

Welcome to Brussels Airport! Check the local time and examine your second boarding pass to determine how much time you have to walk to the gate. Follow your connecting flight in our free app. This keeps you informed of the latest updates.


  • Follow the red Connections signage
  • Check which departure zone you are flying from

The app or information screens in the terminal display which departure zone your connecting flight is flying from: A, B or T. They also display the walking time to the requisite area. Please note: this does not take into account waiting times for security screening or passport control. So allow some margin.


  • Security screening for passengers and hand baggage
  • Check the rules for hand baggage

Keep your boarding pass to hand. You need this to pass through security screening. Sound preparation makes security screening go more smoothly. So check what is permitted in your hand baggage in advance. And what is not. Waiting times can be found on the info screens or on our free app.


  • If you arrive at gates A and leave from gates B or T or arrive at gates B and leave from gates A, then you pass through border control
  • You can pass through border control more swiftly via the automatic gates

Keep your passport or identity card to hand. This will enable you to pass through border control smoothly. In possession of a visa? Then keep that to hand too. In possession of an EU passport and are 12 years or older? Then you may make use of the automated border control gates.


  • Shopping, bars, restaurants and play areas
  • Business lounges: where and for whom?

Waiting for your connecting flight at Brussels Airport is an absolute pleasure. Explore the shops, sip a delicious drink, enjoy an excellent meal or have fun with the kids in the play areas. Prefer to wait in the tranquil business lounge? Access depends on your flight ticket. This can also be purchased separately.


  • Be at the gate half an hour prior to the departure time
  • Check the latest flight information on the screens or app

Keep your boarding pass and identity card or passport to hand for a smooth departure. Purchased something after the security screening? This is permitted on-board the aircraft, including any purchased drinks. Download the free Brussels Airport app. This keeps you informed of the latest updates.