Your travel programme

To make sure you know what to expect at our airport, we have brought together all you need to know to travel carefree in COVID-19 times in this dedicated Coronavirus page.


  • Welcome to Brussels Airport
  • Where do you reclaim your baggage?

Follow the exit signs or the sign displaying the baggage icon. These will lead you to the exit and baggage reclaim hall. Make sure you check the local time and adjust your watch accordingly.


  • Enjoy our wide range of amenities before reclaiming your baggage
  • Shops, bars, restaurants and play areas

You can also take advantage of Brussels Airport’s numerous shops and bars upon arrival. If you arrive a little later, you can always proceed to the arrivals hall for your first Belgian beer or hot cup of coffee.


  • If you are arriving at Pier B, you will pass through border control. Keep your travel documents close.
  • You can pass through border control swiftly via the automatic gates.

Keep your passport or ID close to smoothly progress through border control. In possession of a visa? Then keep it close as well. If you’re travelling with an EU passport and you’re older than 12 years old, you can make use of the automated border control gates.


  • Know from which belt you can retrieve your baggage
  • A correct customs declaration

Check the displays in the baggage reclaim area to see which belt you can retrieve your baggage from. Are you arriving from outside the EU? Remember to declare your goods when necessary.


In the current circumstances, only travellers and persons accompanying passengers with reduced mobility or minors travelling alone are admitted to the terminal. 

Are you coming to pick up someone? In that case, you had best arrange to meet on the curb outside the terminal. Are you meeting someone in the car park? No problem! Make sure to specify the car park you’ll meet in as well as the level.