The airport journey for babies & children

  • Everything for a smooth departure with your children
  • Fun at the airport?
  • Where can I go to take care of my little one?

Let’s fly!

In these days of COVID-19, a face mask is mandatory as from 6 years old within the airport building. Also on the aircraft it is mandatory from the age of 6.  Some airlines apply an even lower age limit. Check with your airline to be sure.

At Brussels Airport we like to keep things fun. That's why Smurf face masks are now available from our "Safety Station" vending machines, which you will find

  • on departures level near the elevators of the car park as well as right in front of the entrance (to the terminal)
  • on arrivals level at the car park and bus station  

Our cheerful Smurf friends show us that travelling safe is absolutely possible! #safetravelcoronatips van de smurfen

A smooth security screening

As you know, the presence of liquids & gel in your hand luggage is strictly limited. However, you are allowed to bring sufficient baby food for the duration of the flight. Baby food should be presented separately for screening.

Small, foldable baby carriages and strollers can usually be taken up to the gate. At the security checkpoint these need to be screened separately so you will have to take your baby or toddler out of the carriage or stroller.

On an adventure in the airport!

Tiktok scenary

Or spot 1 of our 3 instagram - tiktok decors in pier A. Ideal to take your first holiday photo and share it with family or friends.

Baby care zones

Where can I go to take care of my little one? Most toilet facilities at the airport provide a separate room for changing your baby’s nappy. Here, too, the Smurfs have turned up. Shall we go look for them? 

In the Kids'corner (Pier A) you can change your child, breastfeed in a quiet environment or you can warm up in the microwave and feed/drink your little one.

Food and drinks

Did you bring your own baby food to the airport? You can have it heated in all restaurants at the airport. Our staff are happy to be of assistance. Microwave ovens are available at the self-service restaurants Belgorama (Pier A) and Bistrot (Pier B).

Children’s meals are available:

  • at the self-service restaurant Belgorama and the Italian restaurant Amo in Pier A,
  • at Bistrot in Pier B
  • at Sapore in the departures hall
  • at Hi! Brussels in the arrivals hall. 
  • List of all restaurants 


Looking for a last-minute surprise like a toy or a book to take on board? You’ll find what you need in The Gift Box  in the shopping area leading to gates A and in Tintin & Toys in the shopping area leading to gates B.

Baggage services

Baggage trolleys are available free of charge in all public areas of the airport. Once past security screening, there are no trolleys available. A small stroller can be taken up to the gate.