Kids Games

Are you travelling with kids and looking for ways to keep them entertained before your flight? We provide several kids games after passing through security screening. 

Adventures of The Smurfs

""Mum dad, how long do we have to wait?" is something you won't hear anytime soon at our airport. Especially not when going through Gates B. Thanks to our The Smurfs wall games, your child(ren)'s holiday starts right at the airport.

At Gate B15, The Smurfs experience the craziest adventures, riding bikes, scooters and even hopping into an airplane. Children can enjoy the interactive wall games, releasing their energy before the flight.

At Gate B31, our little blue companions embark on thrilling jungle adventures where they swing on lianas and spot exotic wildlife. The interactieve wall games will definitely make your kids look forward to a great holiday.

The play walls at Brussels Airport are suitable for children from 2 years old. Gate B15 and Gate B31, open 24/7.