Itsu - Gates B

  • Asian-inspired kitchen like steamed rice, noodles, dumplings, blended sushi rice
  • Perfect for a healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • Located in the shopping zone of gates B

Those who fly outside Europe and like to eat before departure will soon be able to visit Itsu. This Asian restaurant in gates B is known for its sustainable and healthy dishes. Whether you go for a hot or cold meal, the chefs prepare your food on the spot with deliciously fresh ingredients. Perfect for a healthy and sustainable breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Itsu is well known for its:

  • Asian-inspired kitchen, nutritious dishes which are steamed and made on the spot, with responsibly sourced ingredients.
  • Most of the menu’s are under 500 calories and packed with vitamins, fibre & protein
  • A third is plant-based
  • Responsibly sourced packaging
  • Hot & cold dishes
  • On the menum: steamed rice, noodles, dumplings, blended sushi rice…

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