• Direct train services to the heart of the airport from all major cities in Belgium
  • Up to six trains an hour to and from Brussels
  • Conveniently to our neighbouring countries

Straight to the station

The train station is located directly under the departures and arrivals halls, at level -1. The platform is easily reached by lift or escalator.

With the train, you can travel from Brussels Airport to various Belgian cities or to our neighbours. Have you just arrived by train at Brussels Airport station? Keep your ticket at hand. You have to scan it at the entrance gates to enter the airport.

To Belgian cities

City trips in Belgium? The train whisks you in no time from Brussels Airport to all the major cities in Belgium.

Your travel time from Brussels Airport:

(yes, we speak different languages so the name can differ according to the landzone)

ENG FR NDL GE Time in min
Mechelen Malines Mechelen Mecheln 11
Leuven Louvain Leuven Löwen 15

Brussels-Central      (city centre)

Bruxelles-Central (centre-ville)



Brüssel-Zentrum (Stadtzentrum) 17
Antwerp Anvers Antwerpen Antwerpen 32
Waver Waver Waver Wavre 50
Ghent Gand Gent Gent 54
Luik Liège Luik Lüttich 60
Hasselt Hasselt Hasselt Hasselt 65
Namen Namur Namen Namur 72
Bergen Mons Bergen Berge 75
Charleroi Charleroi Charleroi Charleroi 83
Bruges Bruges Brugge Brügge 90
Aarlen Arlon Aarlen Arlon 170



More information, prices and timetable

Be smart and start your journey to the airport by taking the airport train. Travel straight to the heart of Brussels Airport from numerous Belgian stations either directly or with just one change.

Buy your ticket online here

Follow real-time departure and arrival times: enter "Brussels Airport" as station and choose "departure" or "arrival"

To our neighbours

The train takes you quickly and comfortably to our neighbours in the north. Or would you rather take a train to the south or east? Or perhaps dive under the Channel.

The Netherlands

From Brussels Airport, you can be sitting having coffee with our Dutch neighbours in the blink of an eye. Tip: Plan your train ride in advance and benefit from a cheaper fare. If you book your ticket at least 7 days in advance, you can save up to €14!

City Via Frequency Travel time
Breda   16x/day 1h 6min
Rotterdam   16x/day 1h 39min
Den Haag (HS)

4 direct connections

16 times via transfer in Breda 


2h 11min

1h 56min


16 direct connections

4 times via transfer in Rotterdam


2h 26min

2h 26min

Germany, France, United Kingdom

With a transfer in Brussels-Midi, you can soon be standing under the Eiffel Tower or in front of the Cologne Dom. Or you can start your shopping spree in London or Lille.

More information on

  • with the Thalys to Paris or Cologne
  • with the Eurostar to Lilles or London