The Ringtrambus provides a fast and frequent connection between Brussels Airport and the Vlaamse Rand.

The Ringtrambus runs on the route of line 820 and connects several key points including the university hospital in Jette, Brussels Expo, Vilvoorde station, BruCargo and Brussels Airport. 

The tram bus leaves every 15 minutes to the entire Vlaamse Rand on weekdays. The tram departs from platform D in front of the airport. The tram runs between 5.30am and 10.30pm.

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During weekdays, a Ringtram bus passes every 15 minutes, you can count on that thanks to the free bus lanes and traffic light control. Moreover, line 821 (Merchtem - Zaventem) runs according to the same itinerary between Zaventem Airport and Vilvoorde Vlierkens.

Ringtrambus timetable

The tram buses are hybrid: they have both an electric motor and a diesel engine. This makes them quieter and more economical than a diesel bus.

Driving along the Brussels ring road without traffic jams? It's possible, with the Ringtrambus!