MIVB Airport Line

STIB, or in French "MIVB", is responsible for public transport buses, trams and metro lines in the Brussels Region.

STIB Line 12, also known as the "Airport Line”, takes you from Brussels Airport to the European district in 30 minutes, a stone's throw from the shops in the upper town.

  • From Brussels city centre to the airport, you travel with a ticket at a standard fare.
  • Are you departing from the airport to the centre of Brussels? Then you will need a specific ticket, a "Go2City" ticket. If you often travel between the airport and Brussels city centre, you can also buy a "Go2City" 10-ride ticket or a season ticket.

  • Contactless with your bank card on the bus itself : 7 €
  • A paper ticket at the GO vending machines : 7,50 €. You will find one on our escalators at bus level and on Platform C
  • With your MOBIB card : 7 €

Consult the STIB website for real-time information or information on fares or download the STIB app.

Tel. +32 70 23 20 00