Coach or airport shuttles

  • Airport shuttles close to departures and arrivals halls
  • Covered walkway from your coach to the terminal

Board and alight near the terminal

Are you travelling to Brussels Airport by airport shuttle or large coach? You can alight in comfort at the specially designated parking areas.

Conveniently with airport shuttle

Recognised airport shuttles and professional airport transport providers drop you off at car park P15, close to the terminal.

Info for airport transport providers
This parking is only accessible to those with a subscription or a rechargeable card. No subscription for P15? Then you can park at the public parkings nearby.

Easily with the coach

Your coach or bus will drop you off at car park P16. This is accessible for buses longer than 8 metres.

You can go to the airport entrance in comfort. The covered walkway leads you automatically to the terminal. Trolleys are available: you don’t have to lug your cases with you. And there is a pick-up point for persons with reduced mobility.