Strategic Vision 2040

  • Plenty of growth opportunities ahead.
  • Jobs expected to double by 2040.
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Brussels Airport has a clear sense of direction: to become a fully-connected economic centre that houses the finest airport in Europe. To make this happen, we drew up a long-term plan called the '2040 Strategic Vision’. We are carefully monitoring our progress towards 2040 by means of interim deadlines with challenging, yet achievable objectives.

120,000 jobs

Our airport is an important growth engine for the Belgian economy. An increasing demand for transport will present immense opportunities in the coming decades. It is crucial for the prosperity of our country that we fully exploit such growth opportunities. It is estimated that the number of airport-related jobs will double to 120,000 by 2040.

Leading role

The further development of Brussels Airport will lead to a greater number of destinations for passengers and increased import and export opportunities for companies. Belgium will consequently obtain the resources that it needs to continue playing a leading international role at the economic, diplomatic and cultural level.

Balanced approach

Our vision for the future is primarily aimed at the economic development of Brussels Airport, with respect for the environment and the people living in the vicinity of the airport. We accomplish this by conducting an open and structural dialogue with all stakeholders involved in the development of the airport. This balanced approach forms the very foundation of the 2040 Strategic Vision. 

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