Brussels Airport publishes its environmental report 2014

July 16, 2014

Brussels Airport occupies a central position in Belgium as the second economic growth pole in the country providing direct employment for 20,000 people and handling 19.1 million passengers in 2013. The environmental impact of the airport’s operations and the activities that take place there are mapped every year. The report published by Brussels Airport gives a detailed overview of the solutions and measures that are implemented to reduce the impact on the environment as well as of the aims for the future.

Sustainability is central in the development of the airport, taking into account the requirements in terms of security, safety and technical feasibility which Brussels Airport, as an international transport hub, has to meet.  Brussels Airport is permanently looking for the most innovative solutions to minimise the impact on the environment in the short and the long term.

Water treatment plant, solar panels and beehives at the airport

Within the scope of sustainable development two beehives were put up on the airport grounds. Bees play an essential role in pollinating crops, plants and trees.  But this is far from the only action that was taken. Brussels Airport is also the only airport in the world to have its own private water treatment plant.

Brussels Airport also focuses on decreasing carbon emissions by using LED technology for the runway lighting systems, by installing solar parks and by using cold-heat storage for heating and cooling its buildings. Passengers are invited to actively participate in sorting waste.  This helped us to increase the fractions of recyclable waste and reduce the fraction of residual waste.

Noise impact

An analysis by the University of Leuven shows that the number of potentially highly annoyed residents decreased by 66% since 2000. This decrease is due to a series of innovative measures by the airlines, including the use of new-generation and consequently quieter aircraft and the improved payload per aircraft, as well as government measures.

An extensive communication on actions to protect the environment

The above actions are but a random selection of the actions that were undertaken. For more details please consult our Environmental Report on:

In carrying out its activities, the airport operator does not shy away from its responsibilities. Brussels Airport remains fully focused on the sustainable development of the airport activities for future generations.

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