Waterless urinals at Brussels Airport

April 25, 2012

Since a few months, the public men’s restrooms at Brussels Airport are being systematically equipped with waterless urinals. The idea is to equip all sanitary blocks in the terminal with this type of urinal. The conventional water-flush urinals will soon be history. This decision will save up to 30,000 cubic meters of precious drinking water per annum, which corresponds with the average water consumption of 400 families.

The waterless urinals are equipped with biochemical filters allowing them to operate autonomously without rinsing water.  This does not only lead to considerable cost savings but also benefits the environment.  The new urinals cause less odour nuisance and are easier to clean. Contrary to what one may expect, they are more hygienic than conventional urinals and are less prone to blockages. This means that their availability is much higher than that of toilets that regularly require maintenance, or get blocked.

This technology has already been applied at several other airports around the globe and we are sure to see waterless toilets at other places where the restrooms are frequently used.

Whenever a restroom is renovated, the lighting too is systematically changed. The 2,000 energy saving bulbs are replaced by motion sensor activated LED lighting. This will result in an energy saving of 35%.  Brussels Airport’s Infrastructure, Facilities and Construction department has for some time been testing several new lighting techniques to further reduce energy consumption in the future whilst enhancing user comfort.

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