Brussels Airport opens second solar panel farm

October 28, 2013

This week Brussels Airport opens its second solar panel farm. This will bring the annual production of self-generated solar energy for Brussels Airport to 2,600 MWh which is comparable to the electricity consumption of 750 households. Together the two farms produce over three percent of the daily amount of electricity consumed by the airport operator.

The airport has been buying green energy for many years. The opening of this new farm allows the airport to significantly increase the proportion of self-generated renewable energy in its total electricity consumption.

The new solar panel farm is located on the perimeter of the airport grounds, between the Belgocontrol site and runway 25L. 5,760 solar panels installed on a surface area of 1.7 hectares, together produce 1,100 MWh. This corresponds with the annual electricity consumption of 300 households.

In January 2012, Brussels Airport opened its first 30,000 m² solar panel farm on the roof of a new cargo building at Brucargo.

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