The airport grounds harbour far more biodiversity than one might expect. Woods and copses are what jump to mind first. But it's the immense expanses of grass on the airport that turn out to be a habitat for valuable wildlife, including small fauna, flora and fungi.

As yet no scientific research into the biodiversity on the airport grounds has taken place but the researchers have high expectations. The see Brussels Airport as the largest continuous stretch of dry and nutrient poor permanent grassland in Flanders… with possibly a large variety of exceptional species.

In managing the woods and copses, Brussels Airport Company works together with the Flemish government agency "Agentschap Natuur en Bos". Over the past four years we've been having constructive talks with them on the management of the trees and woodlands on and around the airport grounds. These have led to the approval of a woodland management plan. This proved to be a delicate exercise but we succeeded in finding a sound compromise between the need for wood conservation and the safety and security requirements.