Logo & brand

On 16 January 2014, Brussels Airport unveiled its new brand and house style, with the intention of creating a consistent and unique look for our international airport, viewed by passengers as one of the best in Europe.

For the 20,000 airport staff, this strong brand is a point of recognition and pride. The modern design and warm feel fit with the dynamism and passion with which we serve our customers every day.

Over recent years, Brussels Airport has grown into a multi-modal hub, of which passengers, airlines, business partners and airport staff and the interaction between these groups constitute the basis. As a strong economic hub in the heart of Europe, our focus is more than ever on customers, service and accessibility.


Our logo represents the identity, international spirit and values of the airport. It consists of a warm and modern red icon, the name Brussels Airport in dark grey and "the heart of Europe" as a red baseline.

The red icon is a symbol for:
- the passion for our customers, whether they are passengers, airlines, concession holders etc.
- Brussels Airport as Belgium's international airport
- a bird taking off, which is reminiscent of the hundreds of aeroplanes flying to and from Brussels Airport every day

The font is easy to read and has an efficient and friendly look.

The baseline "the heart of Europe" emphasises the central role of our airport, providing access to Brussels, the capital of Europe, with its many European institutions and head offices. This also represents our customer-focus and warmth.

Brussels Airport: Focus on the customer, service and accessibility

Our new branding visualises the cornerstones of the Brussels Airport strategy.

  • Customer-focus: We put our customers first: everything we do is for our customers. As the largest airport in the country, located in the capital of Europe, Brussels Airport aims to be an attractive place for all its customers, both passengers and staff.
  • Service: We want to continue to improve and adapt the quality of our airport infrastructure, in order to have a positive impact on passengers' and airport staff's experience. We take their needs into account and implement extra measures to meet their requirements in our concepts, all in a warm and personal atmosphere.
  • Accessibility: Brussels Airport forms the central gateway between Brussels, Belgium, Europe and the rest of the world. In terms of accessibility, we distinguish ourselves from other airports through the extensive transport options to and from the airport.

Various large projects will also significantly change the face of Brussels Airport over the coming years, resulting in a new airport experience.

For further information about the Brussels Airport brand and corresponding values: