Wilfried Covent, Head of Security

Brussels Airport is the first airport in the world to introduce remote screening for passengers on such a big scale. Moreover, with 25 screening lanes, Connector has the biggest screening platform in Europe.

It’s no surprise that Wilfried Covent, head of security at Brussels Airport, is a proud man.

“Together with our colleagues in IFC and OPS, we built the biggest screening platform in Europe in a short space of time: 25 lanes in a row, with new screening machines and adapted signage. The screening also takes place immediately after the automated access control, so that passengers have enough time for shopping. And even during the screening procedure, the passengers can see all the activities on the tarmac. Thus the overall experience is made more pleasant for the passengers.”

“But I am most proud of the fact that we are the first airport in the world to work with remote screening on a larger scale: the screener no longer sits at the screening lanes, but in a separate room. The screeners now work in a quiet environment, with new software, which can only improve the quality of the screening.”

Wilfred believes that the challenge in the future will be to continue to remain customer-intimate in a changing environment. “The number of passengers will probably go on rising, while the security measures possibly become more intensive. It will always be a challenge to run the screening process efficiently and in a pleasant atmosphere, without long queues.”

Wilfried is happy to be part of the Connector-team. “We have been working towards the same goal with a large number of colleagues, each from their own perspective. To be seeing such an amicable atmosphere between the teams working on a project this size is a fantastic result in itself!”.