Stage 3: the framework

February 6, 2014

The framework of the building is all but completed. 80 concrete pillars rest on a solid foundation. The concrete beams and slabs were all put in place. With this, the framework of the building is almost ready for the next stage: the completion of the roof and façade.

On Monday 3 February, the workers starting putting in place the steel structure of the roof. 15 gigantic girders, each 48 meter long, constitute the basic roof structure.  They are welded on the ground and then hauled up in one piece. For this a special crane of 75 meter is required.
In the next few months the roof and façade will be completed. The pillars will be covered in aluminium and huge glass panels willl be installed. The roof will be covered with steel plates. 
Next the air conditioning groups will be installed.  

By mid 2014 the building will be windproof and the interior works can start.

Click on the time lapse video to see how work has progressed from the start till mid January.

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