Stage 1: Preliminary works

May 6, 2013

An infrastructure project the size and impact of Connector requires a thorough preparation. The construction site is located in the heart of a busy international airport and building operations should not affect passenger comfort.

The actual construction of the foundations started mid April. But before these works could commence, the site had to be prepared for building. In order to do so, we had to take account of numerous issues ranging from relocating different services to guaranteeing security.

Early March the taxiway that ran between pier A and the terminal was closed to traffic. New road markings and signage had to be provided to guide ground traffic and the push-back procedure for aircraft parking near the construction site had to be adjusted.

A new remote arrivals lounge had to be made ready for passengers who are transferred by bus from their plane to pier A. Special blast fences had to be put up to protect the construction site and the new service drive from the blast of the jet engines. Even the loading quays and the refuse containers had to be moved.

The construction site itself as well as the points where Connector will join pier A and the terminal building had to be fenced off properly. Moreover, several security checkpoints and vehicle parking areas had to be put in place before the actual building works could start.

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