Integration Manager Els Renders

With Connector, Brussels Airport isn't just getting a modern, open, airy building – you genuinely feel that the building is at the heart of all the airport's activities.

Els Renders, Integration Manager within the Connector team, is convinced this will make a world of difference for passengers and the people who work there.

"In Connector, passengers will get a true airport experience. No more tunnels or corridors where you feel cut off from the outside world: instead, a fantastic view of everything that's happening on the tarmac. Plus the spaces are open and bright, and there are so many things to see and do in the shops and restaurants. Waiting for a flight becomes an experience in itself!" says Renders.

"And it actually starts at security," she continues. “Because it's so open and the ceilings are so high, you never feel crammed in like a sardine, even though you're waiting in line with several other people. On the contrary, it's a pleasant and relaxing place. And everything is much clearer for the passengers now: there's one central access platform and one central security platform. Only after that is there a split between Pier A and Pier B,” Renders adds.

Looking back over the project, Renders is pleased that a relatively small team has been able to realise such a big project on time and on budget.

"We've succeeded in balancing all the building's commercial and operational interests, as well as its technical requirements. And the building was installed right in the heart of the airport – that was no mean feat. It wasn't just the building itself that we had to take into account, but also the ongoing activities and passengers, so the airport could carry on operating as normal.

"Now we have Connector, our airport is ready for the future. During its construction, we had to take into consideration projected passenger figures up to 2030, so even then the building will be just as roomy and open for all passengers as it is now."

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