Support Services Manager Dirk Hoornaert

As Support Services Manager Dirk Hoornaert was involved in Connector from the very beginning. The opening of the new building will provide an unparalleled passenger experience, due to – among other things – the innovations in the screening process.

After the opening of Connector, our passengers will be screened at the start of the process flow, i.e. before they enter the shopping area.  “Once they went through screening, passengers can relax and take time to enjoy the magnificent view or allow themselves to be tempted to do some shopping in the most spectacular and most beautiful shop in our country”, says Dirk.

“Signage in Connector is sober but stylish and this also goes for passenger guidance. Based on the experience from existing platforms we will guide our passengers in an organised and structured way through a gigantic screening platform”. The platform will be equipped with brand-new state-of-the-art screening machines and is designed to further optimise passenger flows.

Dirk is proud of the result his and the other teams achieved:  “Accommodating construction site traffic and passenger flows was no sinecure. I sometimes think ours are the best passengers in the world. In spite of the sometimes crazy turns we’ve had to have them make there were surprisingly few complaints. Moreover we succeeded in putting down an impressive result in spite of the strict deadlines, the limited budgets and the many obstacles.”

The first milestone is reached, according to Dirk. The next challenge will be to have the passenger flow to gates B run through Connector. That means new partners and more automated processes, new deadlines and more strict budgets to respect.  “Bring it on!”, Dirk concludes.