Project leader Damien Lombart

Damien Lombart, ‘Head of Construction’ at Brussels Airport, and his team were responsible for the construction of the new Connector within a building period of a mere 22 months.

And the timing wasn’t the only challenge! By far the biggest challenge was to erect a building in the heart of an operational airport which was to connect two buildings equally buzzing with activity while being located partly over a tunnel in which passengers were walking to and fro. »

“Some passengers may remember a drop of water falling on their head when they walked through the tunnel; others must have wondered if the ceiling was coming down…  Luckily, even in these conditions, passengers were very patient and understanding. Most of them probably didn’t have an inkling of what was going on above their heads”, Damien recounts.

Walking through Connector the architect-engineer gleams with pride. Besides the exterior of the building being an architectural feat, the huge curved ceilings   in particular are a great success.  They really make the building come alive. We cannot but be proud of having set up a project of this nature to achieve this spectacular result. It’s been a unique and most memorable experience! »