Connector is all about you!

March 12, 2015

Our passengers and partners. They are the focal point of Brussels Airport. To make everyone's time at the airport as pleasant as possible, Brussels Airport is permanently improving its infrastructure.

Connector offers passengers and staff a new and unique experience in the very heart of the airport, in the heart of Europe.

The security process will be quicker and more efficient, both for passengers and security personnel. After that, there's time to relax, shop or have something to eat and drink.

Your journey starts in Connector!


Swiftly through security
On entering Connector, you will have to first go through the automatic boarding pass control before arriving at shiny new security platform where hand baggage and passengers are screened. 

The security platform is no less than 100 metres long and has 25 security lanes, making it the biggest security platform in Europe. Because of the large number of security lanes and a new system for the remote analysis of the x-ray images of the screened baggage, everything will run efficiently.

For now only passengers departing from gates A or T will be using this platform. As of 2016 passengers departing from gates B will also have to pass through this screening platform.


Enjoy watching all the activity in the heart of the airport
As soon as you get to security, you'll already have a nice view of the activities on the tarmac. A first opportunity to dream away. 

But also after screening you can continue to enjoy the spectacular view of the aircraft through the glass facades which at the same time allow Connector to be flooded in natural light. This is more pleasant on the eyes than artificial lighting, and it saves energy.

The facades feature sunscreens or solar fins, so the sun's rays don't shine directly into the eyes. Ceilings in Connector are up to 13 metres high, to create a pleasant sense of spaciousness.


Shopping heaven
The shopping and restaurant spaces are located beyond security, so passengers can have a stroll around Connector without having to worry about the time, and enjoy the atmosphere, shopping bargains, food and drink.

Shopping and food lovers will enjoy Connector's many shops and restaurants.

They are all located only one level below security, easily reached by escalator. 

Brussels Airport has deliberately chosen contemporary, international, high-quality restaurant concepts with particular attention to Belgian gastronomy and specialities.

Passengers who just want to rest before their flight can head for one of the two seating areas: one in the middle of Connector and one on the east side with a view of the tarmac.

Last December, Brussels Airport started to systematically replace the 10,000 seats in the airport, to offer travellers even more comfortable seating.

The seating ranges from ordinary seats over comfortable chairs to reclining chairs. Especially for travellers spending a longer time in the transit zone, this is a pleasant change.


There are loudspeakers all over Connector so passengers remain informed at all times about when and from which gate their flight will be departing.

> Meet Steven Goeman, project manager of Connector

> Meet Els Renders, Integration Manager for Connector


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