Commercial Project Manager Bénédicte Lefin

How do you create an ideal shopping flow for passengers? This was the challenge for Bénédicte Lefin as Commercial Project Manager within the Connector team.

"With Connector, we now have a shopping zone that can compete with those in other major airports. It's a modern, pleasant place to shop and/or enjoy something to eat or drink," she says.

"One big change is that all the shops and restaurants are now on one level. Thanks to the wide boulevard, passengers no longer have to look for their favourite store or brand on different floors – they pass them automatically," she adds.

The positioning of shops and restaurants within Connector is certainly not random. There's a commercial philosophy and strategy behind it.

Lefin says: "The passengers initially enter a big walk-through shop where they'll find all the 'core category' products like fragrance, alcohol and tobacco. As they are such good value at the airport, these products are very popular with a lot of passengers. That's why they're placed first.

"Next are high-end fashion, watches and jewellery brands. This area is also where the premium restaurants are located, like Black Pearls and Blend In. Brussels Airport also offers individual brands that are exclusively on sale at the airport, such as Victoria's Secret and Coach.

"Then passengers will find an extensive mix of quality clothing and accessory brands, including the distinctively Belgian designer clothing brand, Sarah Pacini. And for people who love Belgian food, we have restaurants like Belgorama, which has typical Belgian dishes on the menu."

"Before the passenger gets to the gate, they are presented with the last-minute offers – a small gift for family or friends, or for themselves!"

Lefin continues: "For me, whenever I walk through Connector, it really has the wow factor. There's lots of natural light, the high ceilings give you a feeling of freedom, and there are plenty of lovely things to look at, both on the tarmac and in the shops!”

“I would like to use the opportunity to thank the construction team, and in particular Krist Bertens and his colleagues, for their support to our business partners.”