Brussels Airport starts construction of two new fire stations

This afternoon, Brussels Airport Company laid the symbolic first stone of two new fire stations on the airport tarmac, west and east of the airport site.

At the moment, the airport has three fire stations, one of which is located next to the terminal. The two others which are located on the tarmac were built in the 50s and are reaching their capacity and age limits.

The new fire stations are built to the east and west of the airport site. The new location of the fire stations will make it possible for the firefighters to intervene more swiftly in case of an incident. The fire stations will be situated between runways 25R and 25L on the edge of the airport site, rather than at the top and bottom of these runways.

Airport firefighters have to arrive on the scene within three minutes after an emergency call involving an aircraft and within five minutes for an incident in the terminal. These repsonse times will remain guaranteed.

The new buildings will also be larger than the existant ones. The larger of the two fire stations, fire station West, will be able to accommodate 25 fire engines.

More details are available in the press release.

The movie below gives a good impression of the new fire stations:


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