Yet another successful edition of the Brussels Airport Plane Spotting Day

Every year 25 aviation fans are invited by Brussels Airport to come to the airport to do what they like best: spotting planes.

The annual Brussels Airport Plane Spotting Day has become an event which is anxiously awaited in plane spotting circles.

The third edtion on Tuesday 4 Jult 2017 started with a suprise visit to a B787 Dreamliner operated by Japanese airline ANA. Afterwards, the whole group moved to a spot neer fire station North for a few hours of spotting planes and ended at stand 327 to spot a rare visitor to our airport: an A319 of the Ukranian airline Dart.

To win one of the coveted tickets, the plane spotters had to participate in a contest which was announced in the Brussels Airport Spotters Newsletter and on several plane spotting websites and forums.

Pictures of the event are available on our Flickr account:

Spotters Day 2017

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