Airport partners

Civil Aviation Administration

The Civil Aviation Administration grants traffic rights based on EU and Belgian legislation and on bilateral agreements. The granting of traffic rights depends on the airline's credentials and on the type of flights (commercial, non-commercial, scheduled, non-scheduled).
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skeyes is the ATC provider for Brussels Airport. It is an autonomous public company responsible for flights from ground level to flight level 245 above Belgium. Terminal navigation charges for take-off and landings at Brussels Airport are being charged by skeyes and are separate to the Brussels Airport charges and fees.
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Belgium Slot Coordination 

Brussels Airport is a coordinated airport and airlines need to apply for slots in order to operate. The airport slot coordinator is Belgium Slot Coordination - BSC vzw.
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Ground Handling Companies 

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Catering Companies



Ticketing Services 

Air Dispatch


Aircraft Fueling

HRS provider HRS
LM Belgium



Aircraft Maintenance


Crew Training

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General Aviation

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BAR - Board of Airline Representatives