Frequently asked questions

  • Here you'll find the answers to the most common questions about our badges

1. How far in advance can I complete the e-learning course?
You can take the e-learning course in advance whenever it suits you (remotely), the test must be taken at the badge service when collecting the airport badge.

2. How long does it take to complete the e-learning course?
The e-learning course consists of 2 modules. Module 1 (security awareness) takes 40 min on average to complete, module 2 (health & safety) takes 10 min on average. Both modules together take 50 minutes.

3. How long does the test at the badge service take?
The test at the badge service of module 1 (security awareness) takes 6 minutes on average, the test of module 2 (health & safety) takes 3 minutes on average. If you do both tests, it will take you 9 minutes in total. If you have to do the security awareness test a second time because you failed the first time, you will need 15 minutes for the tests.

4. Where can I take the e-learning course?
The e-learning course is available on the Brussels Airport Company website via and can consequently be done on a PC anywhere: at the office, at home… This public availability ensures greater flexibility. Of course, you can always do it at the badge service where the e-learning course is also provided.

5. Until when can I take the test at the badge service?
The test can be taken until closing time. The badge service closes its doors at 5.30 pm.

6. Until when can I take the e-learning course at the badge service?
Because the e-learning course takes longer (50 minutes), this can be followed until 5 pm at the badge service. The test can then be taken afterwards, of course. 

7. What if I don't pass?
Anyone who fails the test for the security awareness module immediately gets another chance. Anyone who fails the second time must take the e-learning course again and can only register for the test again the following day. No badge can be issued if you fail the security awareness module. The results of the test for the health & safety part have no impact on the awarding of the badge.

However, the results will be taken into account when monitoring the general trend for each employer. In other words, the results are audited on a regular basis. If they prove to be unsatisfactory, the Health & Safety service of Brussels Airport Company will challenge the employer about this and urge them to create more awareness among their staff.

8. In how many languages is the e-learning course available?
The e-learning course is available in 3 languages: Dutch, French and English.

9. Does the badge service monitor who took the e-learning course?
The e-learning course is publicly available to all, so it is not logged. Everyone is supposed to follow the e-learning course so that they are up-to-date with all the health and safety regulations. Doing the e-learning course is necessary in order to pass the test, just like is the case for the airside driving test (self-study).

10. What about visitors?
The procedure for visitors remains unchanged as the accompanying person is always responsible for their visitor. A visitor does not need to do the e-learning course and does not need to take a test as a result, nor were they required to watch the film before.

11. How do the badge service operators know whether I have passed?
The software program with the test immediately registers the results and the operators at the counter can check them. If you have passed, an airport identification badge is issued.

12. Can I still watch the film in order to get a badge?
The e-learning course replaces the outdated film and is expanded to include important information of which every badge holder should be aware. Therefore, the film will no longer be made available. From 9/12/2015 the film will be removed, every employee who comes to the badge service for a new permanent badge or an extension (except for visitors) from then on must do the e-learning test at the badge service.

13. Which software must I have in order to be able to do the e-learning course?
Your PC must have Adobe Flash Player as well as a web browser like Chrome or Windows Explorer (Version 7 or later).