Info about the Coronavirus

Last updated: 14 March 2020

We understand that as a passenger or an airport employee you are probably worried about the coronavirus disease so we want to inform you. The Federal Public Service (FPS) Public Health emphasizes that there is no additional risk for persons travelling through Brussels Airport or working at the airport.

Is the airport open?

Yes, Brussels Airport is open. However, several airlines have decided to cancel some of their flights. This means that there are fewer flights arriving and departing from the airport.
In addition, the actions taken by our government have a significant impact on the opening hours and/or offer of our services, shops, bars & restaurants.

Has my flight been cancelled?

The status of all flights for the next four days can be found here: departures - arrivals.

For a flight on a later date, we advise you to contact your airline. Here you can find a contact list with details of all airlines.

Does public transport continue to run?

Yes. To date, public transport continues to run to and from the airport.

Travel advice

Consult the FPS Foreign Affairs website for the most recent travel advice. You can find the advice by country on their page.

The Belgian Health Authorities and our health sector are vigilant and use all means to protect public health. As an airport, we closely monitor the situation and are ready to immediately implement any additional measures if necessary. We particularly focus on hygiene measures.

Continue to pay attention to good (hand) hygiene

The coronavirus is a virus similar to the flu. In applying a number of simple measures, you can help to prevent the spread of flu viruses, corona viruses or other viruses.

Do you still have any questions, or are you still worried?

Consult the FAQ of the FPS Public Health website for more information.

Do you have a question about health and public order? Call +32 800 146 89.

Do you have a question on the economic impact? Call +32 800 120 33.